17. July 2018  |   09:02

The TecTrike is a light electric load trike for transports of up to 50 kg cargo and a range of up to 50 km per battery charge. The individually adaptable loading platform allows a wide range of applications. The TecTrike is therefore suitable for pure passenger transport, for fine picking of parts in logistics as well as a mobile working platform for fitters or maintenance technicians.

The pre-series model kickTrike® was nominated for the final of the IFOY Award (International Forklift of the Year) in 2017 by a jury of intralogistics experts. The vehicle concept was attested that in times of e-commerce and industry 4.0 it ideally meets the growing demand for fast, efficient transport below the Euro pallet. The completely revised TecTrike series model now has a flexible loading platform that can be equipped with different modules depending on the application (e.g. tool boxes, machines, Euro boxes, etc.). The vehicle is “designed for people in dynamic processes” – the simple and safe operation combined with driving pleasure leads to a high acceptance among the employees. For indoor use, there is an optional blue spotlight to announce the almost silent load trike in good time with a blue LED light spot on the ground.

The TecTrike is available from a price of € 3,350 net – further information can be found on our website.


The Berlin startup LEVCON (Light Electric Vehicle Configurator) develops and distributes electric vehicles for industrial and consumer use. The focus is on tailor-made solutions to support dynamic production and logistics processes. LEVCON cooperates with a nationwide dealer and service partner network to ensure the availability of vehicles for customers on site.

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Henning Schubert

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